Mr. Kaufman accepts speaking engagements, including webinars, on various subjects for presentation to financial and economic forums, corporate training courses, and university business schools.

Among his presentations have been

  • “The Many Dimensions of Risk Management” University of Arkansas, Walton College/Garrison Financial Institute, October 2015
  • Interview with Andrew Swanscott, BetterSystemTrader.com, June 2015
  • Interview with Michael Covel, Trendfollowing.com, July 2014
  • “Market Timing” MTA Symposium, New York, April 2014
  • “The Impact of Global Investing on Asian Markets”(Asian Financial Forum, Hong Kong, January 2011)
  • “Strategy Development” (Agence IAT Trading Show, Paris, September 2009)
  • “Essentials of Strategy Development” and “Performance and Risk Metrics”(Technical Analysis Group, London, July and October 2009)
  • “Theory versus Reality” (Technical Analyst Association, Toronto 2008)
  • “Developing Systems” (Private group, The Netherlands 2007)
  • “Intermarket Mechanics” (IFTA Lugano 2006)
  • “Portfolio Allocation using Genetic Algorithms” (IFTA Madrid 2004)
  • “International Financial Markets” (Baruch College 2002)
  • “Trading Systems That Work” (Online Investors Expo, Las Vegas, November 2000)
  • “Robust Trading Systems” (IFTA Rome and Milan, November 1998)
  • “Methods for International Markets” (Dow Jones Telerate World Tour 1997)


  • “Gaming the System: Profiting from Fund Flows,” Modern Trader, February 2016
  • “Countertrend ETF Trading,” www.Traders-Mag.com, Dec/Jan 2016 (German and English)
  • “Slope Divergence,” Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, June 2014
  • “An Interview with Perry Kaufman,” www.Traders-Mag.com, March 2014
  • “A Better Trend,” Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, March 2014
  • “Market Timing with Pairs Logic,” Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, February 2014
  • “A Book Review and Interview with Perry Kaufman,” by Mario Valentino Guffanti, Swiss Technical Analysis Journal, Summer 2013
  • “An Interview with Perry Kaufman,” The Technical Analyst (United Kingdom), May 2009
  • “Crossover Relative Value Trading,” Futures, January 2009
  • “Lessons Learned the Hard Way,” Futures, August 2002
  • “Positioning the Greek Equities Market for International Investing,” Second World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts, July 1996, Athens, Greece.
  • “Price Shocks: Reevaluating Risk/Return Expectations,” Futures Industry, July 1995.
  • “Perry Kaufman on Market Analysis,” Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, June 1995, reprinted 1998 bonus issue.

In 1973, Mr. Kaufman was a co founder of The Journal of Futures Markets. Articles written by him continue to appear in industry publications.